Net Art... (or net.art)... or NET.ART. ... or...

When my “Computing and the Arts” class covered the “NET.ART” topic, it quickly became my least favorite topic we had covered, or would cover. Vuk Cosic was credited with being one of the prominent members of the “Net Art” movement, as well as Mark Amerika. I have a background that makes me suspicious of what these individual produce on their websites, due to their tendency to utilize blind links, hypertext and sites that generally don’t follow “normal” organization or format. I guess that is really the point of their view of “Net Art.” That doesn’t mean I have to like it. Anyway, when I search Wikipedia another name stood out to me for some reason, Heath Bunting. I’m still not sure why his name stood out, but his irational.org still has me reeling with his “_readme.htm.”
            When I decided to check out the “read me” file, I was taken to a web page that was titled, “Own, Be Owned Or Remain Invisible.” At the top was a hyper-banner with text bouncing around that would take you to “art.teleportacia.org”; I think it would anyway, I won’t click on it. I told you before; I don’t trust sites like these. When continue down the page, there appears to be text, but probably 95% of the words are hyper-text, and it doesn’t really make much logical sense. Again, I believe that may be the point, or part of the point at least. Whenever I see sites similar to this one, I tend to be very suspicious, and leery about moving the mouse or clicking on anything, as these site could potentially be rife with things bad for your computer or bad for security in general. However, I believe that many of the proponents of “Net Art” are mostly making a point that the World Wide Web and the “net” are potentially confusing mediums that can be rampant with unseen or highly visible dangers.

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