Algorithmic Art

One of the first computational art concepts we were presented was the concept of Algorithmic Art. Almost immediately, at least to my mind, computer graphics the might remind a person of a Spirograph image might come to mind. Algorithmic art is essentially art that is generated by some type of automated process. The concept of Algorithmic Art often focuses more on the process or rules given and followed to create an artistic piece.
            Vlatco Ceric is an example of an algorithmic artist that creates not only graphics, but sculptures as well. On Mr. Ceric’s website, one can see part of the process, and final installations, of at least two of his sculpture pieces. Matrix is my favorite example of algorithmic sculpture, primarily due to the “final installation” image. The work, to me suggests a strange dichotomy between not only an algorithm and nature, but between man and nature.
            The final installation of Matrix, to me, shows man seems insignificance in relation to the vastness and complexity of nature. Matrix, by itself, reminds me of a city created by man. The city appears complex when it is focused on. However, when a city is contemplated in a greater sense with the world surrounding it, a city seems regular and perhaps simple. The pieces of wood used to create the piece appear to only be of two sizes, arranged in an algorithmic pattern, but the wood and its grain also suggest that not all pieces are identical. When the final product is installed within view of a forest it shows where man’s civilization has come from and, perhaps, it is not an improvement from where we came. Below is an image the final installation of Matrix, 2006, by Vlatko Ceric.

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